We provide two different memberships and we recommend starting with our free package so you know we provide top-notch quality and from there you can upgrade at any time.

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If you can provide us with 10 and up companies that you emailed with one or 2 of our outbound templates and not got a reply we will happily refund your money.

Yes, 50 templates are just our base number but we aim to have the biggest domain outbound templates in the world and your yearly plan will get you access to all the new templates we add.

Simply because we want you to see the quality of our copywriters, so you know we are the real deal before spending a dime.

As you probably already know good copyrighting does not come for cheap and we plan on investing that money to add more and more domain outbound templates to your membership.

Of course, you can email us at any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible, and we will be working on a ticket system to make our support even better.

For now, we can only accept PayPal payments but we are working on more options such as stripe, Payoneer, and possibly even crypto.

We are your partners, if you don’t succeed we don’t either. You can simply cancel your subscription through PayPal.

Here is how:

You can also email our support but please aim for 3 days in advance.

And if you forgot to cancel your subscription we will happily return your money without question.

This might sound strange but this all depends on what creative mood we are in, but you can at least expect 3-5 each week and sometimes more.